The Strategy Development Busisness Insurance Case on Indonesia Insurance Practices


An Insurance Company may only be owned by an Indonesian citizen and/or an Indonesian legal entity which is directly or indirectly fully owned by an Indonesian citizen or as referred to together with a foreign citizen or a foreign legal entity which must be an Insurance Company that has a similar business. Or a holding company in which one of its subsidiaries is engaged in the same type of Insurance Business. General insurance companies are also in the form of sharia and there are also sharia reinsurance companies that carry out activities in accordance with the principles of Islamic law. Similar to conventional life insurance, the laws governing sharia life insurance activities that run the insurance business are in accordance with the concept of Islamic law.Islamic law today is more about Mua’mala than worship. As a result of globalization, the issue of insurance is seen as a problem of ijtihad, namely a problem of difference of opinion. Actually insurance has broad and complex benefits, on the other hand it provides mutual benefits between the company and the customer. However, there are many Indonesian people who in fact still do not take advantage of insurance companies as a means of protecting themselves and their families and others from all unexpected things later.