Analisis Kritis Atas Rendahnya Pembiayaan Berbasis Bagi Hasil Pada BMT di Jepara


The purpose of this study is to identify factors influencing the low volume of profit sharing-based financing products of BMT Jepara. This study uses interviews with several related parties, including: the academician, practitioners, and customers. The problem of low profit sharing-based financing products in this study is viewed from three aspects: internal,  external, and regulation aspects. Based on the results of the study, from the internal aspect of BMT, the problem of profit sharing-based financing productst is caused by six factors, namely: High risk, Lack of quality and quantity of Human Resources, Complicated handling, No product innovation, Asymmatric information, and Lack of socialization. Meanwhile, the external aspects of BMT is caused by three factors, namely: Moral hazard, Lack of community’s knowledge on Islamic banking products, and Low of demand. Finally, from the aspect of the regulation, the low profit sharing-based financing products caused by lack of support from the regulator. Based on the results of this study, BMT is expected to develop and innovate its products in order to minimize the risk, as well as to socialize  to  the  community  so  that  people  know  the  products  of  BMT.  To  the customers of BMT are expected to better understand   products of the Syariah Banking. The Regulators are expected to regulate supporting policies to encourage the  growth of profit sharing-based financing products so that the Islamic Bank would enhance the  economic welfare of the Islamic society in the future.