Hifdz Al-Maal dalam Regulasi Rahasia Perbankan


Bank secrecy refer to secrets in the relationship between a bank and a customer. In accordance with Article 40 paragraph (1) of Law Number 10 Year 1998 concerning Banking, it is stated that banks are required to keep confidential information regarding their depositing customers and their deposits. The research was conducted using the library research method, which looks for normative sources of law by reviewing the laws and regulations that apply or are applied to a particular legal problem. The approach used is the statutory approach, namely the approach taken by examining laws relating to bank secrecy. The purpose of this study is to further examine how Islamic law views the regulation of bank secrecy in Indonesia. The results of this study are related to the maintenance of one of the basic needs elements, namely assets that must be protected (hifdz al-maal), so if other parties ask for an explanation of the financial condition of a customer from a bank, this is not allowed.