Akad Mudharabah Muthlaqah pada Deposito Kaffah di Bank Sumsel Babel Syariah


Application of Mudharabah Muthlaqah on mudharabah deposits, the depositor or depositor acts as the owner of the funds (shahibul maal) and the bank acts as the manager of the funds (mudharib). The customer as the owner of the funds (shahibul maal) cannot provide certain limitations or requirements to the Islamic bank as the fund manager (mudharib) in managing their investment, whether related to the place, method or object of investment. Customers will get benefits in the form of profit sharing on deposits where the bank distributes profit sharing to customers with a ratio that has been agreed at the beginning and get results at maturity every month which goes directly to the customer's account. If there is a deposit payment before maturity, the bank will impose a fine on the customer in accordance with the bank's policy. Islamic banks have rights and freedoms in the mudharabah business. Profits from various sectors that are expected by Islamic banks to be profitable.