Program Paket Masa Depan BPTN Syariah Perspektif Fiqh Muamalah


Until 2018, BTPN Syariah's profits have reached Rp. 7.27 trillion and making BTPN Syariah one of the largest Islamic commercial banks (BUS) in Indonesia. This is due to BTPN Syariah's main product, Paket Masa Depan (PMD) program. However, in the implementation of the PMD program in Depok's mobile marketing Syariah (MMS) Sleman district, some parties do’t understand the contents of the PMD contract so they think PMD financing was the same as loans that benefit from interest. This research is a field research. This research aims to describe and analyze BTPN Syariah PMD program in MMS Depok muamalah fiqh perspective. Data collection in this study was obtained from interviews, observations, and documentation. The results of this study are the implementation of PMD in MMS Depok not in accordance with company regulations and fiqh muamalah. PMD implementation mistakes at MMS Depok namely; does not submit a murabahah contract, so that carrying out financing raises the perspective of interest loans; the customer deviates from the use of funds that are’t in accordance with the agreement; the object of the contract in financing is money, not goods; predetermined financial ceiling; and customers cannot withdraw their wadiah savings at any time but by ordering and can only be compile by routine meeting sentra.