G2C (Government to Citizen) Digital Interaction And C2G (Citizen to Government) on The Jogja Smart Service Application


Government to Citizen (G2C) is a form of relationship between the Government and the Citizen within the Government area based on Information Technology. Citizen to Government (G2C) is a form of relationship between the Government, Citizen, and changes in Information Technology. Jogja Smart Service (JSS) is a digital-based service for the Yogyakarta City Government that is integrated and integrated through an information system application, available web (jss.jogjakota.go.id) and mobile (Android and iOS) platforms that can be accessed directly by the people of the municipality area. by prioritizing self-service (self-service). This research uses data from SWOT analysis and KAFI vs KAFE analysis. This research aims to determine how far the Yogyakarta city government application, namely the Jogja Smart Service (JSS) is utilized by the people of the city of Yogyakarta and is actively accessed as an effective and efficient communication bridge between G2C and C2G through digital interaction. The results of the analysis carried out show that there is a digital interaction that is quite effective and efficient in G2C and C2G in the use of JSS applications. As many as 61.9% of users are very enthusiastic about using the application and 75% of potential users are interested in using the application.