Development of Web-Based Physics E-Module Using Discovery-based Learning Model on Newton's Law Materials


The COVID-19 pandemic has led to online learning. The sudden learning process shift from offline to online causes new problems, including students’ difficulty in interacting during the learning process. The media used are usually only in the form of WhatsApp groups and emails which caused students to have difficulty understanding the lesson, limited learning resources and insufficient study time. One way to overcome this problem is to create a web-based physics e-module as an appropriate learning medium in this online learning period. The learning model used was discovery-based learning in order that students could find concepts independently. Therefore, this study aimed to develop a web-based e-module using a discovery-based learning model to increase student's interest and desire to learn. The development used in this research was 4-D (Define, Design, Develop, Disseminate). This research was carried out until the development stage. At the development stage, the e-module validation was carried out by 4 experts as validators. The validation results obtained were 87.8% with very valid criteria. Meanwhile, the practicality of this web-based physics e-module was carried out on students and physics teachers of class XI MIPA 1 SMA N 2 Padang Panjang with percentages of 89.6%, respectively, with very practical criteria. To sum up, this web-based physics e-module using a discovery learning model on Newton's Law material was very valid and very practical to use.