Potential of Medicinal Plants in the Asteraceae Family Found in Harau Lima Puluh Kota Regency


Harau is one of the areas with a wealth of flora and has not been fully explored, especially for medicinal plants. This research was carried out in July-September 2020 in Harau, Lima Puluh Kota District, using an exploratory survey by observing the research location. Samples of species in the Asteraceae family were taken  as data,  photos were tken, and samples of plants as herbarium specimens were taken as identification material. Furthermore, a literature review was carried out on this Asteraceae family plant which could  be used as medicinal ingredients. Data analysis was done descriptively. The data obtained was presented in tabular form. Identification of plants of the Asteraceae family found in Harau and species of this family that had the potential for treatment were identified using the identification guide literature. Based on the research conducted, it was found that 28 species in the Harau, Lima Puluh Kota District, with habitus terna, sufrutex, frutex, and liana. The Asteraceae family consisted of only one genus, except for Eupatorium which had three species, and Bidens which had two species.