Kesiapan Perpustakaan Perguruan Tinggi Dalam Mendukung Proses Pembelajaran Secara Daring Readiness of Higher Education Libraries in Supporting Online Learning Process


Introduction. Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the government has stopped all face-to-face learning activities and replaced it with an online distance learning process. With this change in the learning system, there needs to be readiness from various parties such as students, educators, availability of communication tools, internet network support and support for learning facilities by implementing digital-based services. Data Collection Methods. This paper tries to explore the readiness of university libraries in supporting the distance learning process in a study at the Kandaga central library, Padjadjaran University. This research uses a qualitative approach with case study research. Data collection techniques were carried out through observation, interviews and literature study. The subject of the research is the librarian of the Kandaga UNPAD central library and the object of the research is library service activities. Data Analysis. For the data analysis technique, the data reduction stage, data presentation and conclusion-making stages are carried out.. Results and Discussion. Based on the results of the study, it is known that the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has changed learning activities that were previously carried out face-to-face into an online learning process. Then related to the readiness of libraries to support distance learning in this study, it is seen from the aspect of human resources, namely librarians, aspects of collections and supporting facilities Conclusion. For the aspect of human resources in supporting the distance learning process, the Kandaga central library, Unpad has prepared librarians based on the grouping of faculties in UNPAD, for library collections it has provided various digital collections in the form of e-books, e-journals and various other digital collections, Meanwhile, for service facilities, apart from providing the Unpad website, it also provides social media-based services such as WhatsApp, Instagram and several other social media. Keywords: pandemic covid-19; readiness, library services, digital collections; college library; distance education.