Kompetensi Pustakawan Di Perpustakaan Madrasah Aliyah Dan Tsanawiyah Negeri Se-Kota Banjarmasin Kalimantan Selatan


Introduction. This study aims to determine how far the competence of school/madrasah librarians in the city of Banjarmasin. Data Collection Methods. This type of qualitative research uses a qualitative approach. The research subjects were school librarians in the city of Banjarmasin (MAN 2 Model, MTsN Pemurus Dalam, MTsN 1 Pekauman, MTsN 3 Mulawarman and MAN 3 Mulawarman). The object of research is the competence of school librarians. Data collection techniques using the method of observation, interviews and documentation. Data Analysis. Data analysis techniques using data reduction, data presentation, triangulation, drawing conclusions. Results and Discussion. Thoose are: 1) the managerial competence of librarians still focuses on administrative evaluation, 2) the information management competence of librarians has not been fully able to meet the expectations of information management competence, 3) the educational competence must improve competence literacy, 4) the personality competence has not have professional awareness, 5) the social competence of librarians is still not paying attention to the development of personal character in the pattern of relationships with users, 6) the competence of professional development of librarians has not been able to describe adequate competencies, especially in the form of scientific works or scientific publications. Conclusion. Thoose are 3 main factors that can improve the competence of librarians, namely individual factors, school factors and the desire to attend education and seminars.