Perpustakaan Digital, Koleksi Digital dan Undang-Undang Hak Cipta


Preliminary. Librarians as digital library managers need to pay attention to issues related to digital collections, including legal and regulatory issues related to intellectual property rights or copyrights related to taking and making digital collections and plagiarism. Method. This research is a qualitative type with a descriptive approach. The data was obtained using a literature study technique by searching the latest journal articles and books. Data analysis. By using four stages, namely data collection, data reduction, data presentation and the last step is drawing conclusions and verification. Results and Discussion. In connection with the copyright, in accordance with the provisions of the library legislation, in carrying out the task of digitizing the collection, there will be no problem and conflict with the legal provisions of copyright as long as the purpose is only for educational and research purposes, and not for commercial purposes. Conclusion. Libraries as information processing institutions can make institutional regulations to address copyright issues related to legal issues such as regulations: Deposit Trade-Secrecy, Copy Left, Doktrin Fair Use.