Analyzing Errors in Lesson Plans of Arabic Teacher Professional Education Participants During the Teaching Practise at Schools


One of the government’s efforts to improve the quality and professionalism of teachers, especially Arabic teachers, is the implementation of an in-service Teacher Professional Education Program (Pendidikan Profesi Guru – PPG). During the program, teachers also learn to develop lesson plans (Rencana Pelaksanaan Pembelajaran – RPP). Errors were reported in the lesson plans prepared by teachers of Arabic Language as PPG participants during the teaching practice at schools. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to describe those errors. By using a descriptive-qualitative design, this study revealed eight types of errors in the lesson plans, namely (1) ambiguity in the basic competence formulation, (2) GPA formulation that focused more on the process and not competence, (3) invalidity of the assessment instrument, (4) unspecific, non-operational, and unmeasurable formulation of GPA, (5) GPA formulation asynchronous with teaching and learning activities, (6) unclear formulation of teaching and learning activities, (7) unclear measurement of competence, and (8) domain misconceptions in the assessment.