Produk Hukum Institusi Hukum Islam Indonesia:


This article discusses the products of Islamic law in Islamic institutions in Indonesia. There are two main issues examined in this article; What is meant by Islamic Religious Court. What are the goals and functions of Islamic institutions in Indonesia. Through a literature study approach, the author can get answers to these two problems, namely the religious courts are Islamic courts in Indonesia, because of the types of cases that can be tried, all of them are types of cases according to the Islamic religion. The wording of the Islamic Court of Justice with that of Indonesia is because the types of cases that may be tried, do not cover all kinds of cases according to the Islamic Courts universally. Strictly speaking, the religious court is a limited Islamic court, which has been adapted to the conditions in Indonesia. The roles and functions of Indonesian legal institutions are mentioned many times, both through Presidential Regulations of the Republic of Indonesia and laws.