Inovasi Pembelajaran Pendidikan Agama Islam Melalui Kegiatan Ektrakurikuler Di SMP Raudatut Tholabah Jenggawah Jember


Innovation is a necessity, because there is no stagnant life. Times keep changing, only people or institutions continue to innovate for surviving. While institutions which have no innovation are slow or fast, they are abandoned, stale, not marketable and do not keep up with the times. The innovation of pesantren-based schools is an effort to ensure that an institution continues to withstand the onslaught of modern era. Above destructive reality if not responded quickly, precisely, and intelligently will have more severe impact. In educational context, innovative ideas about pesantren-based schools and PAI learning innovation are one of the solutions which must be taken. Generally, PAI is as a nomenclature in schools, but it is not in Junior High School of Raudatut Tholabah, PAI learning developed at the school are Al-Qur'an - Hadith, Fiqh, SKI, and Aqidah Akhlak. The innovation of Islamic Learning Education Through Extracurricular Activities in SMP Raudatut Tholabah Jenggawah of Jember. It is the strengthening of religious values through the activities of having Dhuha Prayer and Dhuhur together, Reading and writing, tahfidzul and reading Al Qur'an together, Academic Guidance and Counseling Services, Scouting, Sports and the arts.