Transkulturasi Nilai-Nilai Kepemimpinan Transformatif Dalam Pengelolaan Pendidikan Islam


Islamic education starting from the foundational and operational, can not be solved properly. This condition draws attention among practitioners and managers of Islamic education to be neatly disentangled and can be found the tip of the base. Therefore, this paper briefly aims to parse the problem, through a transformative leadership approach based on social values. The significance of transformative leadership, as a conceptual and transformational framework in the management of education through the roles and actions of a leader. Internalization of transformative leadership is expected to be a positive energy to influence individual social action in education. The transformative leadership is based on divine and prophetic values, just as the prophetic mission becomes the dominant force in managing Islamic education and legitimizing cultural power. Such power is the social roles of the individual by inspiring, enlightening, empowering, inspiring without indoctrinating, awakening without harm, arousing without compelling and inviting without reign, through morality in achieving the aims of the organization. Thus the portrait of transformative leadership must have the ability to influence individual actions and behavior through trait aprroach, behavior approach, power-influence approach, situational approach and integrative approach.