The Strategy of Pesantren to Overcome Hoaxes (Case Study In PP. Darul Ulum Banyuanyar Pamekasan)


Pesantren is always be a solution for problems of the nation and state life. Since the era of independence day until today, pesantren becomes the frontline in responding of challenges and changing times. The rise hoaxes make peoples restless, because its presence makes people feel scared, fragmented, mutual hatred between each other. Pesantren as a place to learn religious sciences have a duty and responsibility to straighten and tackle the news hoax, especially the news hoaxes on behalf of Pesantren, or kiai. This study examines the boarding school strategies in tackling a hoax. This research is a field research by using descriptive qualitative approach. There are two strategies undertaken by Darul Ulum boarding Banyuanyar to combat the hoaxes. The first is emphasizing the use of social media, and the second is counter narrative through santries writing which are then can be distributed onĀ  social media. Furthermore, the steps that have been done to overcome the hoaxes are by holding workshop by the term of hoaxes attack and establishing Banyuanyar Media Tim (BM TIM) as the solutions to overcome the hoaxes.