Etika Kenabian dalam Kehidupan Sosial Menurut Muhammad Abdul Aziz Al-Khuly Dalam Kitab Al-Adab Al-Nabawy


This study aim to explains prophetic ethics as an important issue in social life. For this reason, this study focuses on morality which is one of the main points of study in the book al-Adab an-Nabawy by Muhammad Abdul 'Aziz al-Khūly about prophetic ethics in social life. Through a literature study (Library Research) by exploring the meaning of hadith with techniques of classifying each hadith and focusing on hadith that examines prophetic ethics in the book of al-adab an-Nabawy, this study at least finds that prophetic ethics according to al-Khuly in social life includes good behavior, prohibition of prejudice, prohibition of spying, prohibition of envy, helping, controlling yourself from anger, making things easier and prohibiting making things difficult, prohibition of hurting neighbors and the obligation to respect guests, suggestions for greeting and not asking too many questions.