Pengaruh Algoritma ADASYN dan SMOTE terhadap Performa Support Vector Machine pada Ketidakseimbangan Dataset Airbnb


Traveling activities are increasingly being carried out by people in the world. Some tourist attractions are difficult to reach hotels because some tourist attractions are far from the city center, Airbnb is a platform that provides home or apartment-based rentals. In lodging offers, there are two types of hosts, namely non-super host and super host. The super-host badge is obtained if the innkeeper has a good reputation and meets the requirements. There are advantages to being a super host such as having more visibility, increased earning potential and exclusive rewards. Support Vector Machine (SVM) algorithm classification process by these criteria data. Data set is unbalanced. The super host population is smaller than the non-super host. Overcoming the imbalance, this over sampling technique is carried out using ADASYN and SMOTE. Research goal was to decide the performance of ADASYN and sampling technique, SVM algorithm.  Data analyse used over sampling which aims to handle unbalanced data sets, and confusion matrix used for testing Precision, Recall, and F1-SCORE, and Accuracy. Research shows that SMOTE SVM increases the accuracy rate by 1 percent from 80% to 81%, which is influenced by the increase in the True (minority) label test results and a decrease in the False label test results (majority), the SMOTE SVM is better than ADASYN SVM, and SVM without over sampling.