Name Disambiguation Analysis Using the Word Sense Disambiguation Method in Hadith


Name disambiguation is the problem solving process to find similar names in sentences. The ambiguity of names can be found in hadith of Sahih Bukhari, names "Abdullah bin Amru" in hadiths no 27 and “Abdullah bin Amru” in hadith no 58, These names are the same, but there is no proof they are the same person. This problem is the early indication of ambiguity of name in the hadith. Based in this problem, this research aims to find name disambiguation of hadith narrators with classification by considering the perawi chain. To solved this problem the authors used Word Sense Disambiguation (WSD), WSD is a process to assign the same meaning from the sentences, based on the context in which the word appears. To classify several names in the hadith, the authors used KNN algorithm, by combining the WSD and KNN method can reduce the ambiguity of names in hadith. The data used in this study came from the hadith of Sahih Bukhori through the pre-processing stage. After conducting the research showed a collection of hadith numbers with the same name prediction with an accuracy of 99% at k = 1. Thus, this method can be used for name disambiguation.