Pengaruh Brand Image dan Kualitas Pelayanan Bank Syariah terhadap Keputusan Mahasiswa Menabung pada Pengikut Autobase @Collegemenfess


Brand Image and service quality are some of the factors that can influence the saving decisions made by customers. As a result, banks as much as possible must be able to create a good brand image and service quality in the eyes of the public, this aims to meet the needs and desires of customers. This study aims to determine the effect of brand image and service quality variables on student decisions to save. This study uses quantitative methods and research data collection techniques are carried out by distributing online questionnaires to students via Twitter which will then be used as samples. The results showed that the significant value for the influence of brand image on students' saving decisions was 0.02 and the significant value of the service quality variable on students' saving decisions was 0.04. This means that the X1 and X2 variables have an influence on the Y variable.