Analisis Pengaruh Tingkat Harga Saham, Return Saham, dan Volume Perdagangan Saham terhadap Stock Split ISSI Periode 2015– 2020


For companies that collect funds from the public through capital from capital market, it can be used to meet capital needs and finance the company’s operation. So that company is expected not to rely on commercial debt financing both from within the country and abroad. With stock split, it is hoped that it will increase investors’ interest in buying affordable shares. This study aims to determine whether the stock split has an effect on stock prices, trading volume, and stock return. The method used by the researcher uses quantitative secondary data methods by using descriptive statistical data test, then use the kolgomorov smirnov normality test, and using theaverage paired sample test. The results of this research is that: 1) stock price have a significant effect after the stock split occurs, 2) while the trading volume has no significant effect after the stock split occours, 3)  then stock return has a siginificant impact before and after the stock split because it is expected to have a positive impact for issuers and investors.