Pengaruh Motivasi Kerja dan Lingkungan Kerja Islami terhadap Kinerja Karyawan pada Bank Syariah Indonesia KCP Bogor Pomad


In the world of work of a company, there are many supporting aspects that support the running of a company, for example, employees. These things need to be considered so that the achievement of goals in the company can run well, by paying attention to motivation and an Islamic work environment that is expected to increase enthusiasm at work. In order to achieve these goals, employees need to be given the right motivation and Islamic work environment in order to have high performance so that they can provide maximum service to the community. This research uses quantitative methods and data collection techniques. The research is carried out by distributing questionnaires to employees of Bank Syariah Indonesia KCP Bogor Pomad which will then be used as samples. The results showed that the significant value for the effect of work motivation on employee performance was 0.02 and the significant value of the Islamic work environment variable on employee performance was 0.00. This means that the X1 and X2 variables have an influence on the Y variable.  Keywords: Work motivation, Islamic work environment, employee performance