Tinjauan Etika Bisnis Islam terhadap Praktik Pemasaran Busana Muslim Studi pada Almeera Moslem Store Bogor


In Islamic economy, the market has important values, because it must have morality or ethics which is one of the responsibilities of every economic agents. Ethics in business must be realized personally which aims for every business person who trades to seek the maximum profit, in Islamic trade it is not just looking for a profit but looking for a blessing. This research explains how the application of Islamic business ethics in marketing Muslim clothing at Almeera Moslem Store Bogor and how the concept of Islamic marketing in Muslim business at Almeera Moslem Store Bogor. This research uses a descriptive qualitative approach, which means to describe some information in the field with data collection techniques used in this study in the form of interviews, and documentation.  The results of this study indicate that the application of Islamic business ethics in the marketing practice of Muslim clothing at Almeera Muslim Store Bogor has fully implemented the principles of justice, the principle of justice, the principle of free will, the principle of responsibility, and the principle of truth.  In the implementation of the marketing concept at the Almeera Moslem Store Bogor in the form of product marketing, prices, and transactions, but there is one thing, namely product satisfaction which is a problem for which there is no solution.  The general solution is to negotiate. Almeera Moslem Store Bogor is always friendly and courteous to consumers in service and marketing as has been implemented in Islamic law.