Analisis Penerapan Prinsip-Prinsip Etika Bisnis Islam Dalam Transaksi Jual Beli Online  di Humaira Shop


 This study aims to analyze whether Humaira Shop has applied the principles of Islamic business etchis in online buying and selling transactions and how to apply the principles of Islamic business ethics in online buying and selling transactions at Humaira Shop. This study uses a descriptive qualitative method with data collection techniques in the form of interviews and documentation. The primary data in this research are the owners of the Humaira Shop and consumers who buy Muslim clothing products at the Humaira Shop. The results of the study stated that Humaira Shop had fully implemented the principles of Islamic business etchis in buying and selling, with the principle of unity, the principle of equilibrium, principle free will, the principle of responsibility and the principle benevolence. In applying the ethical principle of Islamic business, Humaira Shop uses the 7p E-Marketing strategy, namely product and process, applying the principle of responsibility. Promotion, applying the principle of unity. Price applying the principle of equilibrium. Place applying the principle of free will. People and physical evidence, applying the principle of benevolence. Keywords: Islamic Business Ethics, Online Buying and Selling Transactions, Muslim Fashion Products