Efektivitas Penggunaan Seleksi Ciri CFS pada Klasifikasi Ciri Bentuk Nodul Kanker Payudara dengan Citra Ultrasonografi


The implementation of nodule shape characteristics is one of the parameters used in determining breast cancer malignancy. Mathematical calculations are used as a second decision to strengthen radiologists in determining breast cancer malignancy using ultrasound images (USG). The method used in this research is to filter ultrasound images that contain speckle noise, then continue the segmentation process, extracting shape features, selecting shape features, and classifying them. The feature selection process using Correlated based Feature Selection (CFS) is used to select the dominant shape features in the image. The classification results obtained show that the results of feature selection using CFS can improve the results of image accuracy, sensitivity and specificity, so as to be able to better distinguish the characteristic shape of the cancer nodule.