Access to Justice for Victims of Dating Violence: Gender Perspective


This gender perspective of qualitative research explores the shape, causes, impact of dating violence; and access to justice for dating violence victims. Data collection using, observation, interviews, questionnaires, and literary studies. The analysis uses an interactive model. The results showed that, the shape of dating violence, i.e: verbal-emotional, physical, sexual, and economic. The main causes of dating violence are patriarchal culture and a lack of understanding of gender, thus causing gender inequality, parenting gender biased; women stereotype, and the absence of regulation about dating violence. Dating violence affects not only victims but also the perpetrators. The dating violence victims have not gained access to justice, because the legal system, which includes the substance, structure, and legal culture is still gender-biased and patriarchal. This condition is confirmed by the fact that the community and victims do not know, understand, and be aware of their rights to justice. Therefore, we needed efforts to understand gender and dating violence, including access to justice for victims, through student activity in and out of the campus. Lawmaking about eliminating dating violence in the future (ius constituendum) must be made a political agenda for the government and legislative.