The History and Function of Sisterhood in Turkey: Bacıyan-ı Rum Organization in Medieval Era


Bacıyan-ı Rum (Anatolian Sisters Organization) is known as the world's first women's organization in history, but very few pieces of literature exist about this medieval organi­zation. Thus, the aim was to reach up to all available historical documents about the topic and systematically analyze the nature and function of such an organization in the medieval era. Preliminary findings show that no written documents existed in English nor other languages except the Turkish language. It was also observed that this topic has emerged as an exciting area for many disciplines in recent times, leading to a sudden develop­ment of recent write-ups on such a topic. Therefore, this paper aims to introduce and explore the historical antecedent and functions of Bacıyan-ı Rum Organization to readers and other professionals interested in history, ethics, women, and gender studies. Kinds of literature were reviewed across history, eco­nomics, politics, travelogues, art, sociology, and anthropology to provide an extensive and detailed understanding of such a remarkable phenomenal women organization that existed in the Islamic world of the Medieval Era in Anatolia, Turkey.