Kajian Nilai dan Makna Kearifan Lokal Reog Ponorogo dan Relevansinya terhadap Pembentukan Karakter Bangsa


A nation with a strong character comes from the noble values ​​extracted from the culture of its people. The role of local wisdom is very important for this because it is from instilling local wisdom into the community that it can be a capital for the formation of noble character. With local wisdom, a national culture has strong roots to build national identity through education with local wisdom (local genius) as the basis for the formation of national identity. Because education is a cultural movement as a form of character for students, then through the formation of a school culture that is characterized by being able to re-instill local wisdom in a sustainable manner through education, or it can be said as a movement back to the basis of cultural values ​​of various regions as an effort to build national identity and as a guide for selecting other cultures that are not compatible with Indonesian culture. Local wisdom education teaches students to always be attached to the current situation they face.