Manajemen Keuangan di SMPN 1 Curug


School is an educational institution that aims to educate the nation's children through learning delivered by teachers. In an educational institution (school) there is definitely a need for management so that the institution can run well, one of which is financial management.This study aims to determine how the existing financial management at SMPN 1 Curug. The method used in this study is to use a qualitative method with data collection instruments using interviews with the principal and a descriptive approach in the form of library research. The results of this study discuss the objectives of financial management in schools, namely 1) Improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the use of school finances, 2) Improving accountability and transparency of school finances. 3) Minimizing misuse of school budgets, besides that we also discuss the principles of financial management in schools, school financial planning, school financial allocation, utilization of school finances, school efforts to obtain funds, efforts to overcome lack of funds, supporting and inhibiting factors, supervision and accountability finance. Financial management in schools is a very important part and must always be considered and monitored so that in its implementation there is no misuse or problems in financial management in schools.