Memanfaatkan Media Teknologi dalam Pembelajaran Pendidikan Agama Islam


This study aims to explain the use of media and technology in Islamic religious learning. The media here is a factor that determines the success or failure of a learning. Through the media, learning can be more interesting and easy to understand. Not only that, with the media will also be more fun than what is available on the media itself. Likewise with technology, which is packaged in such a way as to be very fun and make students interested in learning. Another function of media and technology is to explain the knowledge that is conveyed. The method used in this study is to use the method of library research or library research. Literature or library approach or commonly referred to as literature study can be interpreted as a series of activities in which it contains methods or methods of collecting library data, taking notes and reading, as well as studying and processing research data. Technology which is the result of the development of science, with conditions like this the use of technology is not a foreign thing because technology has become a daily necessity. With the development of technology, many produce various media formats, for example in the form of graphics, audio, audio-visual, film, and electronic media. Development is needed to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of learning various creative and innovative learning models. The increasing progress of technology in the era of globalization, everything is modern, can be applied to the world of learning or education, which is used as a very sophisticated facility in facilitating a process in learning provided by educators.