Hambatan Pengimplementasian Kurikulum 2013 Pada Proses Pembelajaran Universalime Islam (PAI)


This study aims to analyze the problems in the learning process of the Islamic Universalism (PAI) subject and the challenges in implementing the 2013 curriculum. In addition, this study is useful as a reference in finding solutions to problems in implementing the 2013 curriculum in the learning process of Islamic Universalism (PAI) subjects) at SMA Budi Mulia Dua Yogyakarta. This research method uses qualitative methods with a case study approach. The data collection techniques used was interviews, observation, and documentation. The results of data collection are then compared to become material for analysis. As a result, the implementation of the 2013 curriculum on the subject of Islamic Universalism (PAI) was carried out by involving the principal, teachers, students, learning resources, and related infrastructure. The implementation of the 2013 curriculum in the UI/PAI subjects encountered obstacles, namely because the school was a school that combined the Cambridge curriculum and the national curriculum, it needed students who were able to meet the standards of the two curricula, while a case was found in the field that there was a gap in student readiness in reading and writing Quran. The solution to this problem, the school has an effort, namely by carrying out the School Literacy Movement and the Quran corner