Affective Aspects in Jurisprudence Based Online Learning Minister of Religion Decree 183 of 2019


Online learning during a pandemic tends to overlook the affective aspects which are very important in the 2013 Curriculum. In line with the implementation of KMA 183 2019 in the 2020/2021 school year, jurisprudence learning in madrasas must also adjust. This paper aims to suggest ways of applying the affective aspects even in online learning as it is today. Because online learning is very dependent on adequate technological literacy, while there are still many people who are not at that level. This research is a library research with a descriptive approach and the data collection technique uses library materials. The results of the study from various literature sources are concluded to be an explanation for solving the problem. From this research it was found that there are various ways that can be used to maintain the affective aspects of online learning, one of which is when in Basic Competence (KD) about spiritual aspects, namely: "Living and practicing everything that has been taught for good things is as a form of gratitude for the gift of Allah SWT ", so to achieve this goal in online learning can be implemented using video media or film footage that explains and contains points to appreciate all the material taught in fiqh learners as a gift from Allah SWT. The variety of ways of learning can be epective depending on the teacher's strategy and what media or learning services are used in the online learning being carried out.