Menelisik Peran Misiologi Kaum Ibu Gereja Kaimantan Evangelis Kanaan Dalam Rangka Hari Perempuan


This research presents the missiological role of the mothers of the GKE Kanaan Palangka Raya congregation. The role of mothers in church ministry during the Covid-19 pandemic is needed, because of the involvement and loyalty of mothers in serving. To discuss the subject of this study, researchers used qualitative methods. This method is strengthened by literature review and documentation data in the field. The results reveal the practical role of the maternal missionary in mission service at GKE Kanaan. The role is that mothers become a fundraiser section in order to support the mission service at the PI Post built by the GKE Kanaan congregation. Then the mothers of the Canaanite church testified to the community by doing social services to distribute sembako to the lesser people. Especially during the Covid-19 pandemic as it is today. To encourage and enhance the role of the mothers of the GKE Kanaan congregation in the ministry of mission, supported by the coaching factor of the church and the commitment of loyalty possessed by the mothers themselves. Loyalty includes the value of witnessing, fellowship, and serving God.