Identifikasi Boraks pada Lontong Sayur di Sunmor UGM


Background: The number of people in Indonesia led to increased food needs have also increased. This causes a variety of food products appear with different variations to make it more durable, attractive and profitable. Food Additives (BTM) in everyday life has been used by the general public in making food. Since the old borax misused by manufacturers as a food additive, but is actually a function of borax used in non-food industry as a solder material, cleaning agents, wood preservatives, antiseptics, and cockroach control. One of the suspected food is rice cake containing borax. The purpose of this study was to determine whether there is borax content in vegetable rice cake that is sold in Sunmor UGM. Methods: This research is a descriptive study with qualitative laboratory tests using test paper color saffron. The sample in this study is the rice cake in Sunmor UGM. The data were analyzed descriptively and presented in tables, percentages and narrative. Results: The study identified borax on vegetable rice cake at Sunmor UGM many as 13 indicate that the samples tested did not contain borax. Conclusion: vegetable rice cake samples at the Sunmor UGM checked 100% negative containing borax.