Pendidikan Karakter pada Keluarga Jawa


Having children with character, honesty, discipline, caring for the environment and being responsible is the dream of every family. While the reality is that in the current millennial era, a prominent phenomenon shows a decline in morals, ethics, and national character. This incident indicates the need for a revamp, especially in the education system which has been considered unfavorable. More precisely in the process of character education so that every individual in a society and this nation has the appropriate character, as stated in the Pancasila and the Preamble to the 1945 Constitution. This paper aims to examine the pattern of Javanese family education in shaping the character of children. Based on the literature review, it can be concluded that the process and formation of education can be carried out through three institutions or often referred to as education tri-centers, namely schools, communities, and families. In Javanese families, character education is reflected in the parenting model carried out by parents. Starting when the child is still a baby, this is believed to have a positive impact on the formation of the child's character.