Filsafat Eksistensialisme Martin Heidegger dan Pendidikan Perspektif Eksistensialisme


This study aims to analyze the philosophical thinking of Martin Heidegger and the value of education in existentialism philosophy. This research uses aapproachlibrary research. The result of this research is Martin Heidegger states that existence can only be answered through ontology. Heidegger also states that the only thing that exists in a real sense is the existence of humans. Man did not create himself, but he was cast into existence. Although human existence does not exist alone. The state of existence of humans who are thrown, must still be responsible for their existence. In the realm of education, existentialism in a learning is functionalist. The influence of existentialism in learning is mainly about the need to stimulate and facilitate learning in a very broad sense. Maintaining the "mood" in the classroom requires a balance between teachers and students in maintaining their identity as individuals. The balance of existence will be broken if the teacher reduces students to mere objects; while students reduce the teacher not as a person but only from a formal function.