Pengaruh Promosi Online Melalui Sosial Media Instagram Dalam Upaya Meningkatkan Kepercayaan Konsumen Produk Healthy Drink Bogor


This study aims to determine: The effect of online promotion through social media Instagram on consumer confidence in Healthy Drink Bogor products. The design of this study is a survey research. The population in this study were consumers of the Healthy Drink Bogor Beverages. The results showed that online promotion had a significant effect on consumer confidence in Healthy Drink Bogor. This shows that if online promotion is good, it will increase consumer loyalty, on the other hand, if consumer satisfaction is low, consumer confidence will decrease. Judging from the total influence of each variable on online promotion in the formation of consumer trust, the indicators of promotion frequency, promotion quality and promotion quantity are the indicators that most contribute to forming online promotions that affect consumer confidence in Healthy Drink Bogor.