Pengaruh Pemasaran Online terhadap Usaha Ikan Hias Dalam Perspektif Ekonomi Syariah pada Masa Pandemi Covid-19


Shopping via online is being one of the human life style for modern society. The developement of the buying something by online increase up to 26 % with the new consument reach 51%. By this phenomena can be used by the decorative fish in dveloping thei bussiness along the pandemic covid-19. The people who keep stay at home during the pandemic can contribute to increase or develope e-commerce. This research is to know the effect e-commerce or marketing by online especially for decorative fish (ikan hias) during pandemic covid-19. The method used is descriptive quantitative by using the simple regresi analysis. The result of this research show that there is significant impact in marketing decorative fish during the pandemic covid-19. The result R Square found that the impact of marketing by online to the e-commerce of decorative fish along the pandemic covid-19 is 34.8 %.