Pelaksanaan Promosi Jabatan Guna Mendorong Peningkatan Prestasi Kerja Karyawan PT. Berkah Handelar Qualitama


  Every company that is established must have a goal that the company wants to achieve, namely seeking profit and improving employee social welfare. The company's success in achieving these goals depends on whether the company has quality human resources so that it is able to manage other resources properly. Therefore, human resources must be handled properly. Human resources are one of the biggest or most important assets for any company, be it a large company or a small company, therefore it is necessary to establish a division or division within a company that specifically handles these human resources, so that these human resources can be considered. specifically by the company. Promotion has an important role for every employee, because promotion means that the company has the trust and recognition of the ability and ability of the employee to hold a higher position. Thus promotion will generate motivation that encourages employees to actively participate in a company in order to get opportunities to advance, better social status, authority and responsibility as well as greater income for these employees.