Manusia dan Pendidikan dalam Perspektif Islam


The purpose of this article is to comment and provide further explanation on Sahin's (2018) writing entitled "Critical Issues in Islamic Education Studies: Rethinking Islamic and Western Liberal Secular Values of Education" (Religions 2018). Humans are the perfect creatures created by God who have intellectual abilities and reasoning power so that humans can think, act, and act to make changes to develop as a whole human being. Humans think dynamically. As social beings, humans need other humans to live together and interact. As religious creatures, humans tend to be religious, have beliefs, or recognize that other forces outside of themselves can control humans, provide protection, and provide threats and punishments to humans. As creatures of rulers, leaders, or caliphs, humans tend to lead or manage other humans, and it is the highest human need is self-actualization. Humans can grow and develop through a natural process towards maturity both physically and spiritually concerning individual development. Therefore, humans need the education to get optimal development as humans.