Pentingnya Media Pembelajaran Untuk Meningkatkan Minat Belajar Siswa SDN Meruya Selatan 06 Pagi


School is a place for students to study. We often meetIn the class there are students who are less enthusiastic in studying and are less responsive to what is conveyed by the teacher. Students sometimes feel bored with the lecture-based learning model, so as educators it is necessary to conduct self-evaluation and improve the quality of learning in the classroom. In this case, improving the quality of learning in the classroom can be done in various ways and teachers have a very important role in increasing student interest in learning so that students feel comfortable and the knowledge they gain will be easy for them to accept. This study aims to analyze the use of learning media in increasing students' interest in learning. The research method used in this study is the observation method through interviews via zoom. The object in this study is to use 5 relevant journals whose variables are in accordance with the research title. Learning media has an important role to increase the learning interest of elementary school students, especially in low grades, because low grade students are not able to think abstractly, so the material taught by teachers needs to be visualized in a more real/concrete form. It can be concluded that the use of media in the learning process can have implications for three things, including on the teacher, on the students and on the learning process.