Implementasi Blended Learning Selama Masa Pandemi Covid-19 Untuk Menumbuhkan Kemandirin Siswa Pada Mata Pelajaran Matematika di SD YP Nasional Surabaya


Blended Learning strategy is considered capable of fostering student independence and achievement in learning. This learning combines online and face-to-face learning. The implementation of Blended Learning enables students to learn effectively and efficiently, more easily access teaching materials, and in the end increases student learning independence because learning is done independently. Learning mathematics is one of the content in thematic learning in elementary schools. Therefore students must always participate in learning. As an effort of educational institutions to expand the reach of learning, implementation, cost efficiency, optimal results, adjusting to various student needs, and increasing the attractiveness of learning. The results showed that the implementation of blended learning during the pandemic in mathematics was very helpful for teachers in delivering material to students, as well as increasing student independence in learning.