Fitrah Perspektif Hadis dan Implikasinya terhadap Konsep Pendidikan Islam Mengenai Perkembangan Manusia


This study discusses fitrah in hadith perspective which is divided into three research focuses, namely 1) the quality and understanding of hadith about fitrah; 2) the relevance of hadith about fitrah to the theory of human development; and 3) fitrah as the concept of Islamic education. This research is a study of thematic hadith. Starting with takhrij-hadith, iā€™tibar-sanad, hadith criticism, hadith understanding, and development analysis about fitrah as the concept of Islamic education in constructing human development system through education. The results indicate that the quality of the hadith about fitrah is sahih. Fitrah according to the hadith is the initial condition (creation) or the origin of human born in an Islamic (muslim). Various developments or deviations from Islamic fitrah are the responsibility of parents (educators) as an educational environment. Various views of the flow of education regarding the theory of human development are refined by the concept of Islamic thought contained in the hadith about fitrah. There is a correlation between the potential (innate) of children and the environment in their development. Where the orientation of development must be based on Ilahiah values without forgetting the biological side. That the fitrah is the potential that brings humanity to be happy in the world and fortunate in the hereafter. Fitrah has an inseparable correlation with Islamic education because it is a basic human potential to be developed in order to optimize functions and achieve the goal of human creation through education so that fitrah becomes a basic in designing Islamic education.