The Contribution of Islamic School as Media of Developing Nation Culture


This research aimed to analyze the contribution of Islamic schools as media of developing nation culture that focusing the study at three subobjectives, those are: the history and Islamic school development, the essence of Islamic school as formal educational institution, and the role of Islamic school as developing culture center. The method of the research was a literature review with a pedagogy approach. The data were collected through book documentations and relevant scientific journals then were analyzed using content analysis technique. Results of the research showed that Islamic school functions as reproducing, revising, and mediating simultaneously. Islamic school as a social institution functioned as socialization institution is to transmit and to transform cultures and to select students in order to continue their current education to higher education. Islamic school as the cultural center constitutes a batch of the values that underlying attitudes, tradition, daily activities, and symbols in which applied by the headmaster, teachers, administration staffs, students, and people around the school. Educational values at school could be embodied through intellectual uplifting, social uplifting, and vocational uplifting.