Penggunaan Media Postern Utuk Meningkatkan Hasil Belajar PPKn pada Siswa SDN Cipete 4 Tangerang


This study aims to analyze the effectiveness of image media in PPKN learning for grade 3 students at SDN Cipete 4. The problem to be solved in this study is the low interest of students in learning which causes learning outcomes to decrease. This research is a qualitative research but in making media using the ASSURE method. The subject involved in this study was a grade 3 elementary school teacher. The data of this study were collected by means of interviews. The results of this study indicate that the media in learning can increase interest in students but errors in the selection of learning media can also have a bad impact and ultimately affect the learning outcomes of students themselves. The selection of media must identify and analyze the characteristics of learners that are adapted to learning outcomes, not only that the teacher must also analyze the physical characteristics of students, if there are deficiencies in the physical characteristics of students, it can affect the selection of learning media. For example, in the selection of media for deaf children, it is more suitable to use print, visual and model media such as books, posters, silent films and others. Only then did the teacher state the standards and specific learning objectives for the learning activities to be carried out.