Kesulitan Guru dalam Mengolah Hasil Evaluasi Peserta Didik SDS Insan Handayani


This research is entitled “Teachers’ Difficulties in Managing Student Evaluation Result”. The formulation of the problem in this study is what are the difficulties faced by teachers at SDS INSAN HANDAYANI Tangerang Regency in processing the results of student evaluations. This study aims to determine the difficulties faced by teachers in processing student evaluation results. This research was conducted at Santa INSAN HANDAYANI Elementary school, Tangerang Regency with descriptive research type, research subjects were 6 teachers and data collection techniques were carried out by observation, interview, and documentation techniques. Meanwhile, the data processing technique is carried out by reducing the data, describing the data, and making conclusions. The results of interview with six SDS INSAN HANDAYANI teachers, Tangerang Regency, all teachers experienced obstacles or difficulties in processing evaluation or assessment results, one of which was when assessing the attitude aspect which was considered very complicated. There are three teachers who are appropriate to process the evaluation results of the 2013 curriculum assessment, while the other three teachers stated that they have not fully complied with the demands of the 2013 curriculum. The conclusion in this study is that there are many difficulties experienced by the Santa INSAN HANDAYANI Elementary School teachers. Tangerang Regency, so that the focus of the teacher’s attention on students is reduced