Konsep Kebijakan Pendidikan Karakter dalam Pandangan Islam


The purpose of writing this article is to find out the concept of character education policy in the view of Islam, as well as its written regulations. This study uses library data collection methods, or library research. The focus of library research is to find various theories, laws, propositions, principles, or ideas that are used to analyze and solve formulated research questions. The results of this study indicate that the government's efforts in forming students with character to present the mission of da'wah, namely inviting goodness and preventing evil. Aspects that want to be internalized in students are in line with Islamic values that Allah subhanahu wata'ala and Rasulullah sholallahu 'alaihi wassalam commanded. The method taken to instill character in students is an embodiment of the way the Prophet sholallahu 'alaihhi wassalam in educating the people, namely by learning in the classroom, exemplary, and creating an environment that supports education. So the conclusion of this study is that the things contained in character education have a relevant relationship with the values contained in Islam. Starting from the goals or missions brought, the aspects taught, to the teaching methods are very in line with the teachings of Islam.