Analisis Pentingnya Keterampilan Berbahasa pada Siswa Kelas IV di SDN Gondrong 2


This studyaims to determine the language skills of the sixth grade students of SDN Gondrong 2. This study uses a qualitative method with the aim of analyzing language skills in elementary school. Data collection techniques used are observation, interviews with class VI teachers, documentation, field notes, and data triangulation. Data triangulation is exploring the truth of certain information using various data sources. The results of the study show that learning language skills in class IV at SDN Gondrong 2 has not run optimally. There are still many students who still have difficulty hearing, speaking, reading, writing which are difficulty to read, delays in understanding, lazy to learn enthusiastically about indonesian  language subjects, and there are still many students who are less focused in learning so that it needs to be directed by minimizing the obstacles that arise. Exist and provide a comfortable and pleasant learning environment.