Pengaplikasian Media Pembelajaran Visual pada Pembelajaran Matematika Sekolah Dasar Bina Bangsa


In this research, we aim to find out the media used by teachers when learning in the classroom. With the application of visual learning media in mathematics lessons at the National Development School to attract students' attention to be even more enthusiastic in doing learning in the classroom. Learning media is a learning component that has a very important role in learning. With the learning media, teachers can use the media to attract students' attention, one of which is by using visual media. In this study, the Bina Bangsa School, West Jakarta, applied visual media in mathematics learning, namely by using image media, poster media and also projected media, in this mathematics learning the teacher applied it with the media, one of which was using image media and then projected in the form of an image. power point, because now it's still in the covid-19 pandemic, the teacher applies it using the WhatsApp, zoom, google meet application