Penggunaan Media dalam Pembelajaran Matematika dan Manfaatnya di Sekolah Dasar Swasta Plus Ar-Rahmaniyah


In the management of education, people who understand education are needed. For the development of human resources can not be separated from the educational process. Quality people must be seen from their education. The position of the media in learning is very important even parallel to the learning method, the methods used in the learning process will demand what media are integrated and adapted to the conditions at hand. The teaching and learning process is a communication process, namely the process of delivering messages from the source of the message through certain media to the recipient of the message. The components of communication in the teaching and learning process include messages, message sources, media and message recipients in this case students. Learning media function as attention function, affective function, cognitive function, and compensatory function. Learning media is also useful for facilitating interaction between teachers and students so that learning will be more effective and efficient.